On-Boarding Process

1 (1)FREE Inbound Marketing Assessment

We start our process with a free 1 hour analysis of your current marketing and an assessment of how inbound marketing can help you reach your business goals. 

For companies who are looking to grow within a 12-month period, have a well-defined sales process, and work with a CRM; inbound marketing may be the perfect fit for growth and success.

The first step is clearly defining how inbound marketing can benefit your company. By scheduling your inbound marketing assessment, one of our certified inbound marketing consultants will analyze your current website, assess your goals, and provide real suggestions to improve your campaigns and achieve your goals.

An inbound marketing assessment is FREE and only takes 1 hour to complete.


After it has been concluded that inbound marketing will accomplish your business goals, we’ll schedule a free goal setting session to better define your business’ timelines, requirements, resources, and budget. 

Once it has been determined that inbound marketing is a good fit for your company, a second call may be scheduled to identify your goals, establish timelines, define tasks, and provide an estimated marketing budget designed to help you achieve your goals. It is during this call that we start discussing how Anchor Communications can help you achieve your goals.

A goal setting session is FREE and takes about an hour to complete. 

3Design of an Inbound Marketing Game Plan

Once your goals have been defined, it’s time to create a strategic plan of action. Anchor Communications will work with you to develop a 12-month inbound marketing strategy customized to help you achieve your unique business goals. 

All successful companies share a common trait; a well-defined plan of action. Your company will be no different. Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint and strong foundation, the same goes for your marketing.

Before we start blogging or posting social media updates, we’ll work with you to develop a customized Inbound Marketing GamePlan tailored to meet your unique business goals.

The Inbound Marketing GamePlan will identify critical benchmarks for success and layout 12-months of inbound marketing tasks to be completed in order to reach these benchmarks.

Included in the Game Plan is the following:

  • Analysis of your current marketing and brand. 
  • An outline of your business goals.
  • A competitive analysis.
  • Definition of your value proposition.
  • Best prospect and quality lead identification.
  • Development of buyer personas.
  • Definition of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).
  • Definition of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Campaign Development Strategy: Identification of tasks required to launch campaign.
  • Drive Traffic Strategy: Blogging, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Conversion Strategy
  • Grow Sales Strategy: Marketing Automation and Contact Management
  • Marketing Analysis & Reporting Plan

Also included when we develop an Inbound Marketing Game Plan is an on-boarding call, weekly strategy development calls, and a Hubspot 30-Day FREE Trial (if required). Our Game Plans are completed within 60 days.

Getting Started: To see what one of our Inbound Marketing Game Plans looks like, download our sample Game Plan. If you would like Anchor Communications to create a Game Plan for you, request a free inbound marketing assessment.

4Campaign Development & Optimization of Current Marketing

With the Game Plan completed, it’s time to move this plan into action. Anchor Communications will help you implement Hubspot, optimize your website, and develop all of the tools needed to successfully execute a powerful campaign. 

During the Campaign Development Phase, the following common tasks are performed as outlined in your Inbound Marketing Game Plan:

  • Website design, re-design, or migration of website to a CMS (HubSpot or WordPress).
  • Modify and optimize the performance of all website content.
  • Migration of online store from open-source to premium ecommerce software.
  • Creation of mobile / responsive version of website.
  • Develop video content.
  • Import leads, competitors, keywords, and benchmarks into HubSpot.
  • Activation and setup of HubSpot account.
  • Development of Blog.
  • Setup and optimization of all social media profiles / creation of social media artwork.
  • Re-purpose available Premium Content for inbound marketing.
  • Creation of new Premium Content.
  • Creation of Landing Pages for all pieces of Premium Content.
  • Optimize all landing pages and implement HubSpot’s smart tools and progressive profiling.
  • Create and implement CTA’s throughout website and blog where appropriate.
  • Development of HubSpot workflows for lead management.
  • Implementation of Lead Scoring Strategy.
  • Creation of initial segmented lists using HubSpot’s Smart Lists Tool.
  • Creation and Implementation of Lead Nurturing Campaigns.
  • Development of Email Marketing Templates.
  • Integration of HubSpot and your CRM, such as Salesforce.com.
  • Customization to your CRM to improve workflows and shorten the sales cycle.
  • Perform all required training sessions.

We offer both standard and custom campaign development programs.


Game Plan Implementation & Monthly Retainer Services

The tools are in place and it’s time to start driving traffic, leads, and customers. Anchor Communications will work closely with you on a retainer basis to perform inbound marketing tasks, develop concepts, design visual content, train your team, monitor your KPIs, and improve your ROI.

Our Monthly Retainer Packages are designed for you to have Anchor Communications assist in the fulfillment of inbound marketing tasks as outlined in the Inbound Marketing GamePlan on an ongoing basis. All retainer packages are customized and priced according to the client’s level of agency services needed.

The following common tasks are performed in our Monthly Retainer Packages:

  • Routine creation of marketing concepts.
  • Modifications and updates to the Inbound Marketing GamePlan.
  • Monitoring of Benchmarks Key Performance Indicators.
  • Routine Analysis of Your Marketing.
  • Creation of Closed-Loop Marketing Reports.
  • Ongoing assistance of Sales & Marketing Alignment.
  • Routine Reporting on Marketing Costs and ROI.
  • A/B Testing on Landing Pages and CTA’s.
  • Improvement and Optimization of Workflows & Lead Nurturing Campaigns.
  • Management and Fulfillment of Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • Assistance in the management of Contact Database & Segmented Lists.
  • Routine creation of new Premium Content, Landing Pages, and CTA’s.
  • Ongoing optimization of Landing Pages and CTA’s.
  • HubSpot account management, training, and assistance.
  • Routine website updates, modifications, and optimization.
  • Creation of Blog Articles.
  • Blog Management.
  • Ongoing Social Media Marketing.
  • Routine Creation & distribution of Visual Content: Infographics, Memes, & Social Media Artwork.
  • Ongoing CRM Management & Support.
  • Ongoing support and training.
  • Any other task as outlined in the Inbound Marketing GamePlan or needed to achieve the goal of the campaign.

Our services are always customized and priced according to the client’s level of agency services needed. Check out the Call-to-Action page to see why these processes are important.





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