Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Be helpful. Provide answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Inbound Content Strategy opens the door for customer conversations, generates leads, nurtures leads, and converts leads into paying customers.

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Inbound Content Strategy

Make your Inbound Content Strategy a priority. Schedule a Meeting with Anchor to make your marketing a priority.

With a website that inspires conversation, the content is the boat and the content strategy is the sail. Without it, you aren’t going anywhere.

Create strong content. Strong content attracts and nurtures customers.

Strong content is not that hard to create. You just want to create content that gives more in-depth and helpful information than what is found on competing websites.

 Content should:

  • Be written to a target persona.
  • Be written around a product, service, or customer benefits.
  • Be written and presented at the perfect time in the buying cycle.

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Should You Create Content for SEO or for User Experience?

You should create content for both! But you will want to start with your prospects first. Why is this?

The best content fulfills a prospect’s needs. Content is consumed when it answers questions posed by your audience. Search engines like Google reward great content with higher search engine rankings, and great content starts with having an Inbound Content Strategy and understanding your audience’s wants, needs, and questions.

Great content organized the right way will create a conversation all on its own.

Content should:

  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Encourage
  • Embrace

Because your content will address customers at specific times in the buying cycle. These times are during:

    • Researching
    • Shopping
    • Purchasing
    • Repurchasing

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Why Have an Inbound Content Strategy?

1. Attract Visitors

2. Nurture Leads

3. Create Customer Conversations

4. Convert Leads

5. Create Customers for a Lifetime

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Make content awesome

Great content talks to your audience. It naturally leads interested visitors to the conversation. Great content should fuel one conversation after another.

A good content strategy should have:

  • A Content Gap Analysis
  • Personas
  • Product Pyramid Conversation Maps
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Content Plan

A content strategy helps form lead nurturing.

Combine a solid Content Strategy with a strong Call to Action Strategy and your conversions will start rolling in!  Learn more about our process.

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