Sales Alignment & Optimization

Align Your Sales and Inbound Marketing Departments

The “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” Methodology

Sometimes you will experience a disconnect between your sales and inbound marketing departments. A recent study by the Corporate Executive Board actually reported that 87% of terms used by sales and marketing teams to describe one another are negative. You do NOT want this to happen! Your sales and inbound marketing teams should always be on the same page. To do this, you must consciously work on aligning these two departments to ensure maximum efficiency and communication between the two.

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Closing the Loop

Using powerful marketing tools such as Hubspot, we will work with you to integrate into equally powerful sales tools like Salesforce, Sugar, or Highrise. Doing this will give you the ability to tie specific marketing activities and initiatives to specific sales. This will give context to your sales team and data and information to your inbound team. It’s a win-win!

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Set Mutual Metrics

If your sales and inbound teams are shooting for different targets, you are going to have problems. Assigning mutual metrics between the two departments will help bring them closer together. Focusing on concepts like outcome profitability, lead-to-customer %, and average deal size will give each department common goals and will increase transparency and communication.

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Plan Together

Along with setting mutual metrics to measure success by, you will also want to consistently have the two departments meet and plan together so there are no misunderstandings or gaps in communication. Meeting at least once a month together, looking at key metrics, identifying new opportunities, and regrouping after trial and error will all contribute to a more wholesome, complete, and efficient sales and marketing strategy. Plan with Anchor.

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WIN Together!

Ultimately, the more communication you have between your sales and inbound departments, the more effective BOTH of them will be. Uniting these two departments will not only make you and your company more successful, but your employees will be much happier and your company’s success will only exponentially increase with the good moods of your employees. Whenever you experience a certain milestone or accomplishment, celebrating together is also a great way to share credit across your organization and strengthen the relationship between not only your sales and marketing departments, but also across your entire company! When your sales and inbound marketing teams are aligned, they produce more, they are more efficient, and they WIN together!

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